To my constant amazement, I'm a full time political cartoonist working for a wide range of international NGO's and Grassroots Campaign Groups.

You can see much more of my work at:

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I always enjoy hearing from people who've seen my work, please note that I am not, not, not, under any circumstances, entering into email discussions about what any part of the book does or doesn't mean. Sorry! You're on your own!

SPEECHLESS is meant to be a challenging, interactive read in which your interpretations are as valid as mine. If you want to post or read comments about the book please do so on the SPEECHLESS Facebook page.

I'm up for speaking about it in public, though, so if you want to arrange something get in touch. And of course work enquiries are always welcome.

A bit about me

SPEECHLESS is my second book. New Internationalist have previously published a collection of my cartoons called 'Big bad World: Cartoon molotovs in the face of corporate rule'. A few copies are still available on the usual internet booksites.

I'm currently involved in a campaign to ensure Manchester creates an appropriate monument to the Peterloo Massacre, which happened just down the road from me.

I've also been an activist and campaigner for over 20 years, starting with CND and the student Third World First network. (Which is now called People and Planet.)

I have a passionate belief in democracy, despite how abused, bruised and diluted it's become, and I'd love to see a resurgence of it as a key political idea... particularly since so many activists and campaigners seem so bitterly disillusioned about such a fundamental and powerful concept. It's for this reason that the massacre itself has such relative prominence in SPEECHLESS. And so it's no co-incidence that my work and home life are both dominated by the Co-operative movement.

Here's a few cartoonists I really like:

Tom Tomorrow

Ted Rall

Cartoon Kate

Throbgoblins (his cartoon strip 'Easter Bunny Island' helped keep me inspired and motivated while drawing SPEECHLESS.)

Jesus and Mo (don't look if you think there shouldn't be depictions of the Prophet.)

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Michael Wignall of Orange Tree Digital here in Manchester, for this website and for all the good advice about domains, hosting, email and so on which I otherwise know nothing about. Thanks guru!

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