One of the things that's unique about SPEECHLESS, apart from it's lack of words, is that it contains a book within a book. (See the 'Writing It' pages for an explanation of how this evolved.)

Both tell the same story, the large book in a very literal way, the smaller, inner book tells it as an allegory.

Page 6 of the inner book ( nicknamed 'One Tree Island')

sample OTI page 6

Page 11 of the inner book

sample OTI page 11

The controversial opening page of the main book: see 'Writing It'

sample page 11

Page 24

sample page 24

Page 49

sample page 49

Pages 56 and 57... By coincidence, these form the centre spread of the book.

sample page 56

Page 70

sample page 70

Page 85

sample page 85

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